A simple solution to connected logistics?

Logistics is in large parts about information. In order to be competitive, companies need to know a lot about goods, vehicles, facilities, people and other resources – often in real time. And they need ways to gather this data. According to the GSM association, the number of connected devices will increase from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020. This includes all markets (as well as logistics).

There is a strong need for more remote sensor monitoring of equipment, trucks, goods, and every asset in freight logistics process. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is the most promising technology for this.

Today, there are hundreds of non-standard WSN applications for control and automation processes. They need to be more integrated. Otherwise, automation across for instance organizational boundaries will be very difficult to achieve.

A solution currently under development is provided by the SIMPLE project, offering a middleware that allows a trusted, safe integration and cooperation of heterogeneous wireless sensors, smart RFID tags, devices and applications, for manufacturing, logistics and domestic use.

SIMPLE offer

The SIMPLE solution is composed of:

  • The middleware associated with the necessary intelligence and components, that will allow for ease registration of devices, information gathering and processing.
  • The necessary interfaces (API) for easy integration with existing logistics back-end applications.
  • Three connector prototypes have been developed for manufacturing, logistics and domestic use, proving that the proposed technology is interoperable, scalable and easy to be adopted by the users.
Simple operational model

Simple operational model

Who can benefit from the solution and how

For companies and other actors, the projected benefits of SIMPLE can be seen in the table below:

SIMPLE user (Manufacturing, logistic, domestic) By employing the solution in their operation, SIMPLE users benefit from the Improved process monitor and control. The solution can process efficiently information from different sources (devices, sensors or other applications
Technology providers Technology providers are suppliers of devices, sensors and gateways embedded in the SIMPLE middleware and customized for each user. With the SIMPLE middleware, they find new market opportunities for products and services on WSN in different markets.
Application / service providers They can provide new services and integrate existing applications with the SIMPLE middleware. This opens up to new market opportunities for current and new customers.
Knowledge providers (consulting companies etc) SIMPLE introduces new practices, tools and methodologies for improving the process efficiency and automation. This opens up to new market opportunities for current and new customers.
Associations (manufacturing, logistics, other) By spreading the SIMPLE solution among their members, associations support their competitiveness in the respective market segment.

The project is underway and will be finished by May 2013. but if you are interested, you can get more information today. You can contact the project coordinator at:

Kostas Kalaboukas
SingularLogic SA
Tel: +30 210 6267904

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