About us

We are a community of SMEs, companies, researchers, LSPs and ICT service providers from all over Europe. We know how difficult it is now for innovators to bring new solutions to the market and for industries to find the best way to solve their daily problems.

We believe that collaboration and discussion among innovators and innovation developers can make a difference. We believe that only in this way innovation can be spread, acknowledged and absorbed in the industry.

We believe that your opinion and experience with making, supporting or adopting research results, let it be a positive or a negative experience, is valuable. Would you like to join the discussion?

The LogisticsArena is the virtual meeting point for all the value chain actors, the place for you to meet your next business partner and to discuss:

  • What is your view of your business/sector? What are your expectations for the future?
  • What are the main successes of your business/sector? How did innovation help?
  • What are the main failures or problems? How can innovation solve them? Which are the obstacles? How can we attract investments on innovation to solve them?

Why don’t you join us? We are eager to discuss with you! We’d love to receive your comments!

Have something more to say? Contact us and consider becoming a writer!

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The Logistics Arena is an initiative of the LOGINN project (www.loginn-project.eu) funded under the EU FP7 programme.

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