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Safety, security and energy efficiency for vehicles, loads, routes and drivers

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Intelligent transport systems have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency and safety of transport, benefitting the service provider who saves time and costs, the driver and the environment. Any transportation and logistics service provider looking for an advanced fleet management solution can benefit from services for vehicle management and control that optimize the workforce in roads. An Intelligent Transport ... Read More »

ICT for collaborative supply chains

Before reaching our fridge, food has gone a long chain of elaboration, packaging and transport Photo Credit: Corie Howell via Compfight cc

A way to collaborate between stakeholders in the Supply Chain via a shared decision making process Food chains are always more complex, global and under the critical eye of authorities and consumers, or briefly challenging to manage. ICT solutions can greatly help managing efficiently this type of chains by providing a real time vision of the chain processes and of ... Read More »

The importance of being interoperable

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If every port speaks your language, ship reporting formalities are just a formality Any company in the transport and logistics domain can benefit from efficient information sharing, from good owners and shippers, to transportation companies in all modes, freight forwarders and integrators, terminal operators at rail, sea and inland port and intermodal terminals. Being able to interface existing systems for ... Read More »