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David Ciprés
David Ciprés is an Industrial Engineer from the University of Zaragoza and holds a Master degree in Project Management. He is also PhD candidate in simulation and planning in logistics processes. He joined ITA (Aragon Technology Centre) in 2001, now is is working as a technological researcher in the ICT4Log centre, the Spanish Center of knowledge in the application of Information and Communication Technologies into the resolution of logistics problems in ITA. His main research areas are modelling, simulation and optimization of logistics processes, supply chain management, warehouse operation management, demand forecasting. David has participated in many R&D national and European logistics projects along his career in automotive, transport, distribution and retail companies.

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The Smart Warehouse,

The Public Demonstrator Centre “ICT for Logistics” is a public space where ICT companies have the opportunity to demonstrate how their technology products and services can help to create innovative solutions, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of logistics companies. Launched in April 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain) and supported by Aragon Technology Institute (ITA), the Centre aims at facilitating the ... Read More »