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Margherita Forcolin
Coordinator of the LOGINN Coordination Action and MobiS FP7 project.

Join us for a special Workshop at ICE-Conference in Bergamo (23-25 June 2014)

We are proud to announce the workshop organised by the LOGINN project in the upcoming ICE conference (Bergamo, 23-25 June 2014). The ICE conference brings together every year leading academics, researchers and practitioners, contributing to the global debate on engineering, technology and innovation, is therefore the ideal framework to promote the LogisticsArena and show case the results achieved by the LOGINN ... Read More »

We attended the International Congress LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN EUROPE

The International Congress LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN EUROPE,  organised by DINALOG and the SoCool@EU, took place at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam on the 1st of April 2014. The program, offered a series of interesting insights on the challenges logistics is facing today.   Accordingly with Prof. Dr. Alan C. McKinnon, Head of Logistics and Dean of Programs at the Kühne Logistics University, the three main ... Read More »


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The European Union is aware that women are sources of the innovation! If you are an innovator in Logistics use the opportunity to apply for a prize! The EU PRIZE FOR WOMEN INNOVATORS is meant to highlight business women who benefited from EU research framework programmes and achieved  innovative results. Follow the link and apply now! Hurry up the context ... Read More »

99 problems; one solution to DEAL with them


Communication and cooperation are essential when creating an efficient and flexible (logistical) network. ICT can provide an adequate environment to support real-time interaction between various actors. Every logistic operation involves a network of people and organizations: the sender, the driver, the coordinator (planner), the administrator and the recipient. Each of them needs to interact and coordinate with (some of) the ... Read More »

Worried about innovation in (your business) Logistics?

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Statistics say, the Logistics sector shows a low investment in innovation, much lower than other industrial sectors (less than 1% in the 2012 versus a median value of about 4% based on The 2012 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard). This is partially due to a lack of knowledge on what the market and the research programmes offer in terms of ... Read More »