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Paola Lupieri
With a background in physics, she is currently working for Insiel SpA, mainly dealing with European projects in the logistics field.

#EUChat on product safety


Here at the LogisticsArena we are enthusiastic about initiatives such as the #EUChat, the thematic question&answer session with experts from the directorates answering the interrogatives of the public on Twitter. We like them because they are a big chance to hear straight from the EU and in a simplified, condensed way – give it to Twitter and its max 140 ... Read More »

The Intelligent Cargo

An intelligent cargo joke. Modified from Lightmesh | via Flickr

What if the cargo transported in your truck could recognize a situation of danger and propose you a place to spend the night and wait for calmer water, next exit and then right? Does it even make coffee? Imagine a pallet of cargo that understands if it has been loaded in the wrong truck and alerts the warehouse manager of ... Read More »