Plastic RTPs as a Cost Efficient & Sustainable Packaging Solution

reusable-plastic-vs-disposable-transit-packaging (2)

The type of packaging play an essential role for your supply chains and is an area that impacts your efficiency, costs and carbon footprint. That is why plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP) outshines traditional corrugated cardboard containers, a common packing solution, is changing supply chains for the better. Plastic RTPs is a more sustainable, efficient and effective packaging solution for ... Read More »

Emerging Trends in Logistics


In 2016, many businesses are looking for smart ways to condense supply chain waste and innovate the entire industry. It appears that the future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. The size of the logistics industry needs to constantly grow to become better as a whole. 2 Flow created the infographic below that indicates that over the next ... Read More »

LOGINN Innovation Scoreboard is now available!


Innovation is a powerful driver for the economic growth, nevertheless Innovation as such remains an empty word if it is not related to the specificity of a given reality. Before taking any decision it is important to assess the actual status and then plan the necessary steps to adopt innovative solution in the light of own processes and business. The ... Read More »

What is the future of Logistics in Europe?


Infographic is a new tool to communicate important factors in a concise and powerful way using a visual representation. Here another insight in european logistics, from SnapParcel, an Irish parcel delivery company, part of Titan Logistics,  with a strong focus on smart Supply Chain and innovative Logistics Solutions. The European Commission research expectations are that freight transport over 300 Km should shift to a ... Read More »

EU Logistics in numbers


We know Logistics is important in the Europe’s economy, but how important? Here some interesting facts from Interflow Logistics. “This infographic is a snapshot as to what exactly a logistic company can be dealing with every 24 hours without fail. It contains some simply astonishing facts that happen in a day while also showing just how important the industry is to Europe’s ... Read More »

We need your opinion


During the last ECITL2014 in Dortmund the project LOGINN organised an interactive session in which we asked the participants to  take part in a survey to gather information  on potential barriers to the innovation uptake in Logistics. We now want to enlarge the participation to a broader audience and ask for your contribution. Please follow this link and share your ... Read More »

Proudly attending ECITL2014


 LogisticsArena rollout at ECITL 2014 More than other businesses, transport logistics relies on innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). For example, ICT enhances logistics stakeholder abilities for active cooperation in supply chains. Also, through the shared and provided set of data, ICT is recognized as the most important enabler for logistics innovation and allows to create and maintain competitive advantage. ... Read More »

Join us at ECITL2014 in Dortmund


The 7th ECITL Conference will be held from the 5th – 7th November, 2014 in Dortmund.    ECITL gathers together  experts from industry and research to  discuss hot future topics in transport logistics and supply chain. This year, the conference will focus on how ICT drives transport logistics innovation and cooperation.    As LogisticsArena we want to signal two sessions: Transport Logistics ... Read More »

Supply Chain Brief launched on August 14th


You might have noticed, since August 15th a new interactive block appeared on the right, just under the tag cloud. On August 14th, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society together with the Logistics of Logistics launched the Supply Chain Brief. What is that? it is a website (and newsletter) that brings together the largest set of industry thought leaders writing about Supply ... Read More »

Cutting Carbon emissions in the road haulage industry


The government is currently heavily focused on reducing the UK’s carbon emission figures, meaning the road haulage industry is currently under more scrutiny than ever before. The legally-binding EU Climate Change and Energy Package states that the UK’s total emissions must fall by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020, and there are additional targets to cuttransport emissions by ... Read More »