Innovative logistics practices

Plastic RTPs as a Cost Efficient & Sustainable Packaging Solution

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The type of packaging play an essential role for your supply chains and is an area that impacts your efficiency, costs and carbon footprint. That is why plastic returnable transit packaging (RTP) outshines traditional corrugated cardboard containers, a common packing solution, is changing supply chains for the better. Plastic RTPs is a more sustainable, efficient and effective packaging solution for ... Read More »

Small and medium-sized companies sharing fleets of electric vehicles

Shared e-Fleet

Imagine a number of different companies sharing a single fleet of electric vehicles. Fraunhofer IAO and eight project partners are busy working out just how to make this vision a reality. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Shared E-Fleet research project aims not only to work up suitable IT solutions, but also to design the ... Read More »

Save money, time and nerves with videosurveillance

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Transportation and logistics are quite specific kinds of business that include various numbers of operations and participants. People who are related to this business field somehow know how hard and tricky it might be to control all chains of operations in the whole process. As an owner of a transportation company I know – not by hearsay – all the ... Read More »

How to make the most of your ICT systems

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Being aware of  your partners’ capabilities is the basis to achieve the most of your own ICT systems and accomplish a full integration Identification of e-logistics applications of partners facilitates integration and coordination, which are key factors in supply chain management. Any company in the transport and logistics domain can benefit from the implementation of this practice, from manufacturers, good ... Read More »

The battle for the sea is won inland via dry ports

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The implementation of a dry port brings a competitive advantage to a seaport: It improves the seaport’s access to areas outside its traditional hinterland by offering shippers low-cost and/or high-quality services. Violeta Roso explains how. Read More »

Wireless containers – RFID put to use

Readout of an electronic seal using a handheld RFID reading device

A container that can be automatically identified throughout the transport chain. With a built-in burglar alarm. Sounds nice? Of course it does. Read More »