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Emerging Trends in Logistics


In 2016, many businesses are looking for smart ways to condense supply chain waste and innovate the entire industry. It appears that the future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. The size of the logistics industry needs to constantly grow to become better as a whole. 2 Flow created the infographic below that indicates that over the next ... Read More »

Detecting the occupancy of railway tracks is safety critical. Improve reliability using this simple device!

When operating a rail network, it is crucial to detect whether a particular section of the track is free or is occupied by a train. This increases the safety by decreasing the likelihood of collisions. The more precisely and reliably the position of a train is known, the more the distance between two trains following each other can be reduced. ... Read More »

99 problems; one solution to DEAL with them


Communication and cooperation are essential when creating an efficient and flexible (logistical) network. ICT can provide an adequate environment to support real-time interaction between various actors. Every logistic operation involves a network of people and organizations: the sender, the driver, the coordinator (planner), the administrator and the recipient. Each of them needs to interact and coordinate with (some of) the ... Read More »

Want to proof how innovative your tech solution for logistics is? Come to ITA!

The Smart Warehouse,

The Public Demonstrator Centre “ICT for Logistics” is a public space where ICT companies have the opportunity to demonstrate how their technology products and services can help to create innovative solutions, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of logistics companies. Launched in April 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain) and supported by Aragon Technology Institute (ITA), the Centre aims at facilitating the ... Read More »

What can your local government do to improve road transport?

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Intelligent cooperative systems hold the promise of great improvements both in the efficiency of the transport systems and in the safety of all road users. Their fruitful deployment demands the intervention of public bodies to equip urban and interurban roads with the proper infrastructure. Intelligent cooperative systems increase the time horizon, the quality and reliability of information available to the ... Read More »

Real-time container tracking is ready to take off

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The installed base of intermodal shipping containers worldwide has surpassed 20 million and represents a significant market opportunity for the telematics industry. Several wireless M2M operators including Orbcomm, AT&T, Everything Everywhere and Telenor even have assumed the role of end-to-end solution providers of container tracking. A real-time container tracking solution with data logging, satellite positioning and data communication can help ... Read More »

Save money, time and nerves with videosurveillance

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Transportation and logistics are quite specific kinds of business that include various numbers of operations and participants. People who are related to this business field somehow know how hard and tricky it might be to control all chains of operations in the whole process. As an owner of a transportation company I know – not by hearsay – all the ... Read More »

SICIS tracks 5000 containers from China to Europe

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“SICIS is a unique tool for the pro-active monitoring of container supply chains and for the first time allows a complete overview of a container’s transport”, says Robin Smith, representative of UK-based logistics provider BAP Logistics, partner in the project that developed SICIS. The SICIS system achieved the goal to track more than 5,000 containers on their way from China ... Read More »

Safety, security and energy efficiency for vehicles, loads, routes and drivers

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Intelligent transport systems have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency and safety of transport, benefitting the service provider who saves time and costs, the driver and the environment. Any transportation and logistics service provider looking for an advanced fleet management solution can benefit from services for vehicle management and control that optimize the workforce in roads. An Intelligent Transport ... Read More »

ICT for collaborative supply chains

Before reaching our fridge, food has gone a long chain of elaboration, packaging and transport Photo Credit: Corie Howell via Compfight cc

A way to collaborate between stakeholders in the Supply Chain via a shared decision making process Food chains are always more complex, global and under the critical eye of authorities and consumers, or briefly challenging to manage. ICT solutions can greatly help managing efficiently this type of chains by providing a real time vision of the chain processes and of ... Read More »