LOGINN Innovation Scoreboard is now available!

Innovation is a powerful driver for the economic growth, nevertheless Innovation as such remains an empty word if it is not related to the specificity of a given reality. Before taking any decision it is important to assess the actual status and then plan the necessary steps to adopt innovative solution in the light of own processes and business. The innovation scoreboard delivered by the LOGINN project is a simple tool that allows to measure the degree of innovation and also to trace changes (i.e. after having inserted specific actions) and monitor their progress in the uptake of innovation. LOGINN innovation scoreboard measures 20 different KPIs from the three dimensions: Innovative business models, Innovative Logistics practices and innovative technologies. Initially, they were considered all equally relevant, but the test results showed that this was not inline with the perception of the users. It is perceived that the weight of each KPIs might vary for different innovations and at different innovation stages. Thus, in the final version, we introduced the possibility to weight the relevance.

You can now download the latest version from here

LOGINN innovation scoreboard manual

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