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Going down one level to refresh up the air

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Underground logistics might sound as science fiction. However, going underground for people transport and to bring hazardous materials and wastes to and from urban areas has been a solution to improve the citizens quality of life since almost two centuries ago.  Delivering effectively and efficiently in congested metropolitan areas is a problem really hard to solve. Besides a number of practices ... Read More »

Crowdsourcing for the last mile

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Last-mile crowdsourcing consists in leaning on a group of citizens for completing the last-mile delivery of parcels in a city. This model answers the need to cope with the increased congestion in cities and the resultant problems of inefficiency and negative environmental impacts of local deliveries. Crowdsourcing has some potential advantages that cannot be ignored. For the logistics services providers, ... Read More »

Going green is getting right (and rich)

Green businessman

The ever growing attention for the environment from the society fosters the growth of a new market sector, that of green logistics services. An opportunity for service providers with an ecological spirit, where a good service is one with provable (even better: proved) impact on the environment, not necessarily the cheapest or the quickest one. But this is not only ... Read More »