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Cutting Carbon emissions in the road haulage industry


The government is currently heavily focused on reducing the UK’s carbon emission figures, meaning the road haulage industry is currently under more scrutiny than ever before. The legally-binding EU Climate Change and Energy Package states that the UK’s total emissions must fall by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020, and there are additional targets to cuttransport emissions by ... Read More »

Can a parcel be green and on-time? The Green Supply Chain business model

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Climate change driven by man-made greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most pressing challenges that society currently faces. Considering that a significant part (approximately 13%, according to the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change) of these emissions is attributed to transport, and to the logistics industry more specifically (around 5.5% of global GHG emissions), it is no surprise that there ... Read More »

Safety, security and energy efficiency for vehicles, loads, routes and drivers

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Intelligent transport systems have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency and safety of transport, benefitting the service provider who saves time and costs, the driver and the environment. Any transportation and logistics service provider looking for an advanced fleet management solution can benefit from services for vehicle management and control that optimize the workforce in roads. An Intelligent Transport ... Read More »