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Emerging Trends in Logistics


In 2016, many businesses are looking for smart ways to condense supply chain waste and innovate the entire industry. It appears that the future of logistics is paved with innovation and technology. The size of the logistics industry needs to constantly grow to become better as a whole. 2 Flow created the infographic below that indicates that over the next ... Read More »

Join us at ECITL2014 in Dortmund


The 7th ECITL Conference will be held from the 5th – 7th November, 2014 in Dortmund.    ECITL gathers together  experts from industry and research to  discuss hot future topics in transport logistics and supply chain. This year, the conference will focus on how ICT drives transport logistics innovation and cooperation.    As LogisticsArena we want to signal two sessions: Transport Logistics ... Read More »

Want to proof how innovative your tech solution for logistics is? Come to ITA!

The Smart Warehouse, http://web.ita.es/cdlogistica/about-us/equipment/smart-store/

The Public Demonstrator Centre “ICT for Logistics” is a public space where ICT companies have the opportunity to demonstrate how their technology products and services can help to create innovative solutions, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of logistics companies. Launched in April 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain) and supported by Aragon Technology Institute (ITA), the Centre aims at facilitating the ... Read More »

How to make the most of your ICT systems

Photo Credit: jnxyz via Compfight cc

Being aware of  your partners’ capabilities is the basis to achieve the most of your own ICT systems and accomplish a full integration Identification of e-logistics applications of partners facilitates integration and coordination, which are key factors in supply chain management. Any company in the transport and logistics domain can benefit from the implementation of this practice, from manufacturers, good ... Read More »

SICIS tracks 5000 containers from China to Europe

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“SICIS is a unique tool for the pro-active monitoring of container supply chains and for the first time allows a complete overview of a container’s transport”, says Robin Smith, representative of UK-based logistics provider BAP Logistics, partner in the project that developed SICIS. The SICIS system achieved the goal to track more than 5,000 containers on their way from China ... Read More »

Safety, security and energy efficiency for vehicles, loads, routes and drivers

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Intelligent transport systems have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency and safety of transport, benefitting the service provider who saves time and costs, the driver and the environment. Any transportation and logistics service provider looking for an advanced fleet management solution can benefit from services for vehicle management and control that optimize the workforce in roads. An Intelligent Transport ... Read More »

ICT for collaborative supply chains

Before reaching our fridge, food has gone a long chain of elaboration, packaging and transport Photo Credit: Corie Howell via Compfight cc

A way to collaborate between stakeholders in the Supply Chain via a shared decision making process Food chains are always more complex, global and under the critical eye of authorities and consumers, or briefly challenging to manage. ICT solutions can greatly help managing efficiently this type of chains by providing a real time vision of the chain processes and of ... Read More »

Opening a …window to the Adriatic Ports

The Igoumenitsa Port

The ports of the Adriatic area represent one of the main gates linking Continental Europe towards Asia and Southern Mediterranean regions and these ports need to increase port efficiency and productivity rates. A real better performance can be achieved by introducing a better organisation of the port operations and smart ICT systems capable to smoothing the interfaces between modes and ... Read More »

The importance of being interoperable

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If every port speaks your language, ship reporting formalities are just a formality Any company in the transport and logistics domain can benefit from efficient information sharing, from good owners and shippers, to transportation companies in all modes, freight forwarders and integrators, terminal operators at rail, sea and inland port and intermodal terminals. Being able to interface existing systems for ... Read More »

A simple solution to connected logistics?

Sensors are deployed in the environment and the industries for monitoring various processes.

Logistics is in large parts about information. In order to be competitive, companies need to know a lot about goods, vehicles, facilities, people and other resources – often in real time. And they need ways to gather this data. According to the GSM association, the number of connected devices will increase from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020. ... Read More »