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99 problems; one solution to DEAL with them


Communication and cooperation are essential when creating an efficient and flexible (logistical) network. ICT can provide an adequate environment to support real-time interaction between various actors. Every logistic operation involves a network of people and organizations: the sender, the driver, the coordinator (planner), the administrator and the recipient. Each of them needs to interact and coordinate with (some of) the ... Read More »

The Intelligent Cargo

An intelligent cargo joke. Modified from Lightmesh | via Flickr

What if the cargo transported in your truck could recognize a situation of danger and propose you a place to spend the night and wait for calmer water, next exit and then right? Does it even make coffee? Imagine a pallet of cargo that understands if it has been loaded in the wrong truck and alerts the warehouse manager of ... Read More »

The importance of being interoperable

Photo Credit: Lance Cunningham via Compfight cc

If every port speaks your language, ship reporting formalities are just a formality Any company in the transport and logistics domain can benefit from efficient information sharing, from good owners and shippers, to transportation companies in all modes, freight forwarders and integrators, terminal operators at rail, sea and inland port and intermodal terminals. Being able to interface existing systems for ... Read More »

A simple solution to connected logistics?

Sensors are deployed in the environment and the industries for monitoring various processes.

Logistics is in large parts about information. In order to be competitive, companies need to know a lot about goods, vehicles, facilities, people and other resources – often in real time. And they need ways to gather this data. According to the GSM association, the number of connected devices will increase from 6 billion today to 12 billion by 2020. ... Read More »