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What is the future of Logistics in Europe?


Infographic is a new tool to communicate important factors in a concise and powerful way using a visual representation. Here another insight in european logistics, from SnapParcel, an Irish parcel delivery company, part of Titan Logistics,  with a strong focus on smart Supply Chain and innovative Logistics Solutions. The European Commission research expectations are that freight transport over 300 Km should shift to a ... Read More »

Cutting Carbon emissions in the road haulage industry


The government is currently heavily focused on reducing the UK’s carbon emission figures, meaning the road haulage industry is currently under more scrutiny than ever before. The legally-binding EU Climate Change and Energy Package states that the UK’s total emissions must fall by 20 per cent on 1990 levels by 2020, and there are additional targets to cuttransport emissions by ... Read More »

Planner information stress


  Consider the following scenario. You are a planner at a transportation company, responsible for onward transportation of air cargo. You must plan for unloading five containers from an airplane that lands at Frankfurt and their transportation to various destinations within Europe. Everything seems to be in order, but then you receive a phone call that your plane has landed ... Read More »

99 problems; one solution to DEAL with them


Communication and cooperation are essential when creating an efficient and flexible (logistical) network. ICT can provide an adequate environment to support real-time interaction between various actors. Every logistic operation involves a network of people and organizations: the sender, the driver, the coordinator (planner), the administrator and the recipient. Each of them needs to interact and coordinate with (some of) the ... Read More »

World Conference on Transportation Research 2013

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World Conference on Transportation Research 2013 in Rio WCTR is one of the biggest and most important conferences related to transportation research. It is organized every three years by WCTR Society starting in early 70ies, bringing together managers, policy analysts, operators and researchers, all with a common interest in promoting state of the art and state of the practice in ... Read More »

Want to proof how innovative your tech solution for logistics is? Come to ITA!

The Smart Warehouse, http://web.ita.es/cdlogistica/about-us/equipment/smart-store/

The Public Demonstrator Centre “ICT for Logistics” is a public space where ICT companies have the opportunity to demonstrate how their technology products and services can help to create innovative solutions, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of logistics companies. Launched in April 2013 in Zaragoza (Spain) and supported by Aragon Technology Institute (ITA), the Centre aims at facilitating the ... Read More »

What can your local government do to improve road transport?

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Intelligent cooperative systems hold the promise of great improvements both in the efficiency of the transport systems and in the safety of all road users. Their fruitful deployment demands the intervention of public bodies to equip urban and interurban roads with the proper infrastructure. Intelligent cooperative systems increase the time horizon, the quality and reliability of information available to the ... Read More »

Small and medium-sized companies sharing fleets of electric vehicles

Shared e-Fleet

Imagine a number of different companies sharing a single fleet of electric vehicles. Fraunhofer IAO and eight project partners are busy working out just how to make this vision a reality. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Shared E-Fleet research project aims not only to work up suitable IT solutions, but also to design the ... Read More »

Save money, time and nerves with videosurveillance

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Transportation and logistics are quite specific kinds of business that include various numbers of operations and participants. People who are related to this business field somehow know how hard and tricky it might be to control all chains of operations in the whole process. As an owner of a transportation company I know – not by hearsay – all the ... Read More »

SICIS tracks 5000 containers from China to Europe

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“SICIS is a unique tool for the pro-active monitoring of container supply chains and for the first time allows a complete overview of a container’s transport”, says Robin Smith, representative of UK-based logistics provider BAP Logistics, partner in the project that developed SICIS. The SICIS system achieved the goal to track more than 5,000 containers on their way from China ... Read More »