The best funding opportunity for logistics in H2020 – The transport programme

EUflagSmart, Green and Integrated are the keywords of the Transport Challenge in Horizon2020 that allocates a budget of €6 339 million aiming at a resource efficient transport that respects the environment to achieve a better mobility, less congestion, more safety and security .

The Programme contains some interesting opportunities related to logistics, three under the topic “Logistics” and precisely:

MG.6.1-2014 Fostering synergies along the supply chain (including e.commerce)

MG.6.2-2014 De-stressing the supply chain

Mg.6.3-2015 Common communication and navigation platforms for pan-European logistics applications

but also, under the topic “Urban Mobility”

Mg.5.2-2014 Reducing impacts and costs of freight and service trips in urban area


You can find more information or download work program document here


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  1. Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge
    Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge

    Thanks a lot, Margherita
    Quite interesting calls for innovation uptakes in the field of logistics and also the Urban call aiming at C02 reduction gives good opportunities for testing new business models and innovative ways of using ICT.

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  2. Nils Meyer Larsen

    Hi Margherita, thanks a lot for this most relevant information! ISL is looking forward to cooperate with everyone on those future activities!

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  3. Margherita Forcolin
    Margherita Forcolin

    Well I think that cooperation and collaboration are still big issues in this field!

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