We attended the International Congress LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN EUROPE


The International Congress LOGISTICS INNOVATION IN EUROPE,  organised by DINALOG and the SoCool@EU, took place at the Passenger Terminal Amsterdam on the 1st of April 2014.
The program, offered a series of interesting insights on the challenges logistics is facing today.
Accordingly with Prof. Dr. Alan C. McKinnon, Head of Logistics and Dean of Programs at the Kühne Logistics University, the three main issues are 
  • Since the big players are already involved in research and innovation the challenge is now to involve small players like SMEs.
  • Research results are still too academic not addressing the day-to-day issues, the challenge is now to put more effort in applied research.
  • Collaboration is the key, adding the EU dimension is essential
and those are actually the challenges that we are addressing here on the LogisticsArena.
For more information read this interesting article 
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  1. Nils Meyer Larsen

    Actually the link above should read http://www.dinalog.nl/en/news/events/congres_logistics_innovation_in_europe/

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